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Welcome to the MBBS system

UQUMED system is electronic platform that developed using the latest technologies in web development to ensure ease of use for its users. The UQUMED system is designed especially for the Faculty of Medicine at Umm AlQura University, Makkah, to facilitate the management of the reformed MBBS curriculum, curriculum and quality tasks, and students mentoring system. The UQUMED system also  facilitates effective  communication between students, teaching staff, and administrative professionals.

There are 5 main roles in this system:

  • Master Admin: The user having this role can add, update, delete any data stored in the system.
  • Admin Lead: A user who is an admin lead for academic years and departments that have all rights on their assigned academic years and/or departments.
  • Department: An administrative staff.
  • Teaching staff: A teaching staff.
  • Student: A student.